Third Party Administration

    In certain fields of insurance and in various countries Risk provides independent and objective, fully-staffed and resourced administration services to a number of top professional reinsurers and insurers.

  • This delivers a high quality, expert facility to the parties, without them needing to commit large sums of investment capital for training, staffing, computer systems, technical expertise (product and risk management) and database maintenance. The benefits in cost savings, control and reporting systems and risk reduction are obvious and substantial, as are the business development advantages.
  • Insurers and Reinsurers delegate to Risk, or its agents, any of the elements of the underwriting, risk management, production, administration, accounting and claims processing, adjusting and settlement according to local expertise, location and resources.
  • Risk may also be asked to be responsible for business development, including the management and interaction with intermediaries, for setting up insurer-reinsurer relationships, developing distribution networks, product design, design of wordings, underwriting, administration, control procedures, public relations, legal protocols, marketing and back office.
  • For these purposes, Risk is able to draw on its knowledge and experience as well as the broad network of relationships, developed over many years in the insurance and reinsurance world.