The Business

We provide quality insurance and reinsurance solutions to insurance professionals and contribute by engineering, designing and servicing all types of risk scenarios, from large target risks to traditional reinsurance contracts, and specialty programs.

Over the years, in response to our customers' expanding needs, we have grown into the fully integrated service firm we are today, providing a variety of organizations with a comprehensive insurance and reinsurance consulting base and support on evaluating, allocating and controlling risk.

Throughout our years of growth and change, we have held fast to our core values of creativity, reliability and performance, building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, and delivering results that consistently exceed customer's needs.

Our ability to accomplish this constantly is attributable, to a large extent, to our size and independence.

Our work is one of sharing experience across markets, adding to the increasing trend of globalization taking place in insurance and reinsurance.

Risk is active in all branches of insurance but particularly in Property, Construction, Marine, Energy, Life, Accident and Health, Professional Indemnity and Special Risks.

The services provided by Risk are wide-spread, with the highest proportion taken up by business programs and consultancy services.