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Risk Management

We assist organizations in evaluating and designing products and processes that will protect assets and earnings from risk and loss. Risk integrates actuarial, claims, and management expertise to find cost effective solutions.

Risk works in conjunction with all of its customers to evaluate, plan and control risk by :

  • Auditing of risk control programs, from prevention and containment procedures to coverage enhancement and claims handling.
  • Identifying hazards and exposure to potential losses including the analysis of loss probability and exposure concentration.
  • Identifying and analyzing other relevant critical factors such as coverage terms and costs, process management and deductible self-retention programs.
  • Estimating the impact of past or future risk control activities on the ultimate risk exposure concentration.
  • Establishing workable, systematic programs, for each segment/area, that will reduce and prevent losses and bring exposures within management's risk tolerance.
  • Creating systems that identify and track direct and indirect loss costs and monitor the effectivenes of the risk control efforts.
  • Estimating ultimate losses, projecting future losses and developing risk financing strategies (with or without risk transfer) according to the relevant accounting standards and practices and the customers' stated policies.
  • Developing disaster and contingency detection and response plans.
  • Monitoring and updating the plan in future years, as the needs change.

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