Our Firm

  • Our business is the provision of insurance and reinsurance solutions.
  • Our group comprises successful and growing operations in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Our customers are insurance companies, reinsurance companies, intermediaries, brokers, agents, associations, multinationals and insurance professionals.
  • Our markets are the insurance and reinsurance sectors, particularly property, marine, life, accident, health, liability and special risks.
  • Our strengths lay in the experience of our people and their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the global insurance and reinsurance fields.
  • Our approach is pragmatic and integrated. Pragmatic: by meeting defined objectives and developing realistic plans capable of implementation within realistic time-frames. Integrated: by embracing long, medium and short term strategies and covering all the lateral aspects of the task.
  • Our forte is being innovative and creative in designing new concepts and new approaches to risk transfer and the application of expertise in arbitrage between international insurance and reinsurance markets.
  • Our philosophy is to focus on the quality and timeliness of our service. Our strength, our approach, our forte and our philosophy have earned us the reputation for delivering far better value to our customers than traditional insurance providers.